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An Sba Loan Is Regarded The Lending From Sba Or Small Business Administration But It Is Not The Case . Sba Is Done By The Banks Who Participate In Sba Financing. An Sba Loan Is A Long-Term, Low-Interest Small Business Loan Partially Guaranteed By The Government. The 7(A) Loan Program Is Sba’s Primary Program For Helping Start-Up And Existing Small Businesses ,With Financing Guaranteed For A Variety Of General Business Purposes . Businesses That Qualify For An Sba Loan Typically Have $50,000 To $5 Million In Annual Revenue And 1 To 40 Employees . Most Of Our Businesses Are Profitable And Cash Flow Positive . All Are Able To Show That They Can Afford To Make Our Monthly Loan Payments.


Getting an SBA loan requires a proper planning and strategic approach. The first thing to know is that it usually is of two types. SBA 7(a) loan can be used for general business purpose while CDC/504 loan can be used for asset addition. Another kind of loan is Microloan program classified for small or new businesses with a valuation less than $50,000. If you are not sure regarding the choice of loan for applying, then reach out to us and will be happy to assist you. We also provide assistance regarding grading up the business so that it becomes eligible for an SBA loan.
Fee Structure

For the 7(a) SBA Loan Program, depending on the maturity of the loan and dollar amount guaranteed, a guarantee fee might be included in the total cost of the loan. Sometimes this fee is paid by the lender but in other cases, a borrower needs to pay that. It is 0% for the loan valuation below $150,000 and reaches up to 3.5% for over $700,000. Additional fee of 0.25% is added on to the guaranteed portion over $1 million. The interest rate can be fixed or variable. If loan term is below 7 years then it can reach up to 2.25%. If loan term is more than that then it goes up to 2.75%. 

For CDC/504 SBA Loan Program, a fee involved is 3% of loan amount with can be financed with the loan itself. Also around 10% of your purchase needs to be put down to secure this type of financing. Interest rate varies between 5 - 6% and the information gets cleared after 45 days from the date of financing. The loan consists of two sections. One section is financed by the bank which is 50% of the amount and another one is facilitated by Certified Development Corporation which is 40% of the amount. The maturity term varies from 10 and 20 years.    

For Microloan Program, fees are none. Interest rates vary between 8% and 13%. The maximum term of repayment is 6 years. Within this limit, the repayment may vary depending on the loan amount. Monthly charges are involved in it. Based on this information we would like you to know that securing an SBA loan is a tough process and it takes a lot of time. But it is beneficial for your small or new business. The choice is yours. You can contact us to know more.A small business loan is essentially a way of financing your business when you would otherwise be unable to. By taking one of these small business start-up loans out from a bank or other financial institution, and then applying for aid from the Small Business Administration (SBA), you can greatly improve your chances of developing a long-lasting company. There are a wide variety of small business loans available, among them, being small business loans for women, veteran’s small business loans, and specialized government small business loans.When a loan is taken out that is SBA approved, this means that should you default on your payments, the SBA will repay a certain portion of the loan for you. By acquiring such a loan, you infuse your company with an influx of much-needed cash while also mitigating the potential risk of forming an unsuccessful small business in today’s economy. Before pushing forward with a loan, it’s important to take a step back and look over your company’s finances as they are. The ratio of money you’ve poured into the company versus the amount of you've already taken as loans are heavily considered by investors. Known as the debt to equity ratio, this number (if swinging poorly in one direction) can be the limiting factor in the number of options available to you. Still, even if this number is working against you, there are still ways to make the most out of the situation.


Are you looking for starting up your own business? When thinking of a business owned by self, money comes up as the biggest issue. Standing in line waiting for your turn at the financing companies is a scene from the past. With Garrtech Funding’s sba loan to your rescue, quit worrying and start working. We understand the importance of being stable, hence we provide sba lending with minimum paper work for our clients. Sba financing usually takes up a lot of documentation before an sba loan can be granted. At Garrtech we make sure that your business starts and runs smoothly. The only thing you need now to start your own company is a dream. Leave all the troubles of getting an sba loan for you with Garrtech Funding. We are very flexible with our sba loans and have a great variety of options for you to choose from. We take it as our social duty to help build the nation. Helping small businesses grow is a part of that responsibility. Depending on the type of your field, you may choose from the various easy rates of interest and make your dream come true. While starting something, the biggest problem is money. When it comes to business, it takes time to get stable in the market. At Garrtech Funding, we offer multiple low interest rate options that will go easy on your pocket. The sba loans available with us are long term that can be paid back easily in small instalments. We at Garrtech are always working towards making your lives easier. Before taking up the paper work for ans ba loan, you must first understand what is an sba loan and what is the process of getting an sba loan. Read further for a detailed description about the small but important facts about sba loans.

  • Loan amount ranging from $5,000 - $5 million
  • Loan term extending from 5 to 25 years
  • Interest rates within 6% to 13% range
  • Approval time within 30 days
  • Low down payments

Turn Downs

  • Too much paperwork
  • Takes time for approval
  • Might require collateral


Often an SBA Loan is regarded the lending from SBA or Small Business Administration, but it is not the case. SBA does not participate directly in lending. It is done by banks who participate in SBA financing in return for a small percentage of the SBA lending amount. This results in minimizing risks for the lenders due to part-financing from the SBA. The banks tend to loosen the strict loan criteria to be fulfilled by the borrowers due to this guarantee.


The application for an SBA loan is elaborate. Banks who perform the SBA financing will ask you for the details related to your financial statements, information regarding collateral, business description, loan usage details and such like. The bank usually looks at the borrowing history along with good credit and business plan along with the ability of repayment. We can walk you through your paperwork criteria to help you get through the process in an organized manner.

How to Find the Best Small Business Loans

How to get a small business loan may seem like a difficult proposition, but in reality, it’s not too difficult with the right information. In order to apply for small business loans, there are a few things you must consider: what type of special loans you’re looking to take advantage of (for instance, if you’re a veteran or a woman), the assets your company will be able to supply up-front, why the loan is needed in the first place (will the money go to hiring more workers or to combating pollution?), and what state you’re looking for aid in.Once you’ve compiled a list of these answers, finding the best small business loan available is as simple as inputting these answers into the SBA supplied checklist and then conducting a search of the loans you qualify for.


  • Revenue over $180,000 - Credit score 680 - Time in Business +4 years 80%
  • Revenue over $400,000 - Credit score 700 - Time in Business +7 years 55%
  • Revenue over $750,000 - Credit score 700 - Time in Business +10 years 28%
  • USA SBA Loan approval 2015 - $350k to 2m 49%
  • USA SBA Loan approval 2015 for existing business 64%
  • USA SBA Loan approval 2015 for new business 36%


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